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SanDisk launch 19nm U110 Solid State Drive (SSD)

29th July 2013 16:46:04

SanDisk U110 solid state drives (SSDs) push your mobile devices to the frontiers of technology. the U110 SSD is a compact, cost-efficient, and fast storage solution for today's Ultrabooks and tablets; and it is ideal for best-in-class dual-drive caching solutions. End users will love the combination of fast data access, reliable performance, and low power consumption. Wide range of capacities up to 128GB** Slumber-mode power consumption as low as 17mW, DevSlp 5.5mW** Rugged SSD performance ideal for mobile use Enhanced end-user experience

SanDisk X110 SSD - Introducing SATA 6Gb/s high performance, reliable, and low power for an enhanced user experience.

19th April 2013 14:15:51

SanDisk X110 Key Features:
- SATA 6Gb/s compliant; backwards compliant to SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s
- ATA command set ACS-2
- NCQ support up to queue depth = 32
- Support for TRIM
- S.M.A.R.T. feature supported
- Advanced Flash Management:
- nCache Non volatile write cache
- Dynamic and static wear-leveling
- Bad block management
- Background garbage collection
- Advanced features:
- Tiered caching volatile and nonvolatile cache
- Supports multi stream
- Minimal write amplification - increases endurance and performance
- Support for thermal throttling
- Windows 8 WHCK Certified

SanDisk X110 SSD - Introducing SATA 6Gb/s high performance, reliable, and low power for an enhanced user experience. With SanDisk X110 SSDs, OEMs can deliver what buyers want: blazing-fast performance in thin and light form factors with advanced power management. These multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash drives are suited for both primary storage solutions and dual-drive caching designs.

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CF2SCSI SCSI Bridge provides drop-in, solid state replacement for ageing and failing SCSI drives in legacy telecommunications equipment

22nd June 2012 15:57:35

Solid State Disks Ltd, the advanced storage systems design, development and integration specialist, has launched the CF2SCSI SCSI Bridge drive which solves the growing and increasingly expensive problem of repairing or replacing ageing and failing SCSI-based hard disk (HDD), magneto optical (MO), tape and floppy (FDD) drives on legacy telecommunications equipment. The SCSI Bridge drive provides a low-cost, solid state drive replacement that enables CompactFlash cards to be seen as SCSI drives by the host system. The CF2SCSI SCSI Bridge drive combines proven SCSI drive architectures (SASI, SCSI-1, SCSI-2) with industry-standard, solid state CompactFlash card technology to provide a highly reliable, solid state drop-in replacement for any style of SCSI-based drive including hard disk, magneto optical, tape and floppy drives. Importantly, SCSI Bridge is completely programmable, enabling the SCSI driver implementation nuances of all equipment manufacturers to be fully emulated. The CF2SCSI SCSI Bridge solution applies to a broad range of legacy telecommunications equipment used in landline exchange and cellular basestation telecommunications applications. SCSI Bridge drives are available as replacements for most telecommunications SCSI drives including those found in Nortel DMS family, Alcatel (E10, S12, DACS), Ericsson (AXE10), Fujitsu (F150), Lucent (5ESS), Marconi, NEC (Neax), Nokia, Nortel, Siemens (EWSD), Titan, Itatel UT100 and Tropico equipment. SCSI Bridge drives are also available to emulate SCSI hard disk drives (3.5 inch, 5.25 inch), magneto optical drives (Fujitsu, Sony, Ricoh, Jazz, ZIP, Bernoulli), tape drives (Pertec half-inch, QIC quarter-inch DAT, DLT 3490) and floppy drives (TEAC). Full programmability also enables other custom SCSI Bridge emulations to be easily developed. The SCSI Bridge drive currently supports CompactFlash drives up to 256GB and utilizes a 3.5 inch form factor (or larger 5.25 inch form factor). It is available in two package types either with no externally removable card as a hard disk replacement or with an externally removable CompactFlash card slot as magneto optical, Jazz, ZIP, tape or floppy drive replacement. Microcode is field-upgradeable via the integral RS-232 serial interface which also enables real-time diagnostics to be undertaken. Board power is only 5V and there is an optional add-on display and push-button user interface for use with the tape package.

Introducing the Serial-ATA (SATA) Performance, Low Power, Form Factor Miniaturization and Cost Efficient Storage Solution

27th October 2011 12:54:16

OEMs are now looking for a storage solution that meets thin form factor requirements, supports diverse feature sets and also satisfies performance and power needs, while maintaining an affordable cost profile.

SanDisk U100 SSD meets challenging OEM size requirements, while delivering fast sequential/random performance and solid long-term data endurance1 that is also cost effective. It is rugged and reliable, light weight and delivers silent operation.

SanDisk U100 SSDs unique power management features enable OEMs to optimize battery life while still meeting demanding performance requirements evolving in the market. Take advantage of SSD performance while avoiding the power penalty typically associated with SATA operation. Factor in SanDisk U100 SSDs wide range of capacities (8 GB - 256 GB2), innovative form factors and competitive pricing and it makes an ideal storage choice for a variety of thin and mobile computing platforms.

Key Features
• nCache Acceleration Technology™3
• High SATA performance4: Up to Read/Write Sequential
  • 480/380 MB/s
• Low slumber mode power consumption: as low as 10 mW5
• Form factors: Half-Slim SATA, mSATA, mSATA mini, 2.5" Cased, SATA uSSD™
• Competitive Pricing
• Wide capacity offering: 8 GB- 256 GB2
• Improved user experience
  • Fast boot and applications launch time
  • Speedy browsing, emailing and social usage capabilities
  • Enhanced multi tasking capabilities • JEDEC-standard package and SATA uSSD™ form factor Standard

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Reactive Group passes our 18th year of NQA ISO 9001: 2008

13th July 2011 15:32:26

Reactive Group are please to announce that for the 18th year in a row we have successfully passed our NQA ISO 9001: 2008 audit! Customers & suppliers can have confidence in SSD as a quality driven organisation

ISO 9001:2008 is underpinned by eight management principles:

What are the benefits of working with SSD ltd - an NDQ ISO9001:2008 organisation

SSDs in the Data Center

17th May 2011 09:00:47

The evolution of the data center is a key concern for the storage industry. IBM has taken a new tact with its SystemX solution that 1.6TB of solid state storage per exFlash pack. Maximum of 4.8TB of solid state storage in a SystemX chassis. To do this, they partnered with SMART Modular Technologies, You tube clip embedded below, if this is of interest to you
SMART MODULAR teams up with IBM You Tube clip

TITAN Series End Of Life Notifiaction (EOL)

28th April 2011 13:06:08

APRO announced officially EOL for TITANS Series Products;

Titans Series (3S Controller) Products -
1) Industrial CompactFlash Card
2) Industrial PCMCIA ATA Card
3) Industrial micro IDE Flash (MIF) Module
4) Industrial Metal Rugged 1.8-inch PATA (IDE) SSD
5) Industrial Rugged Metal 2.5-inch PATA (IDE)
6) Industrial Rugged Metal 1.8-inch SATA I SSD
7) Industrial Rugged Metal 2.5-inch SATA I SSD

This decision was based on 3S Controllers (TITANS Series) of its incompatibility to the upgrade new generation Flash IC, also as an aged controller there will be no further development and support to this case. The alternative solutions will be the Hyperstone Controller (HERMIT Series) products and JMicron Controller (HERMES Series) products, both have reached the industrial application standard with higher performance and reliability.

Furthermore, there will be no alternative solution for TITANS Series 1.8-inch PATA (IDE) SSD, due to low market demand and low unit shipment volume.

We hope this advance notice would provide you with sufficient time for you to arrange for the change. If you have any questions about this End of Life Notification, please contact your APRO account manager APRO.

NAND supply to be 30% down in May, says JP Morgan

30th March 2011 12:34:08

Please refer to the following link Electronics Weekly 24th March Article The supply of NAND flash will be down around 30% in two months time, according to investment bankers JP Morgan.

April 2011 ESG Video Review of Coraid EtherDrive

28th March 2011 10:11:15

Please refer to the following link ESG Video Review of Coraid EtherDrive April 2011 ESG Video Review of Coraid EtherDrive by Tony Palmer, Senior Engineer at ESG Lab reviews Coraid EtherDrive.

We continue to track Coraid with great interest. The attributes of an Ethernet SAN can certainly help to address the challenges that traditional storage now has in the face of advancing virtualization, increased data (and no slackening of user performance expectations!), and budgets that everyone wants to constrain. Of course, there are many great ideas and great small companies in the storage industry that never gain traction: but so far, so pretty darned good for Coraid, which raised $35M in funding and nearly tripled revenues in 2010.

ESG Lab Report on Coraid, March 2011 update

15th March 2011 13:03:16

Please refer to this ESG Lab Doc - March 2011 update from ESG Labs.

This validates Coraids increased performance of 1800+ MB/sec, the advanced capabilities of VSX, and our self-service storage capabilities in VMware environments.

More importantly, this update ties Coraid into the larger data center trends around Ethernet, scale-out architectures, and flexible virtualized infrastructure.

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets

8th December 2010 11:16:08

Data on digital copiers need to be secured, FTC warns

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is advising business not to overlook information security measures for their digital copiers.

In a recently released brochure, the FTC advises businesses to expand their information security plans to include protecting data contained in digital copiers. "If the data on your copiers gets into the wrong hands, it could lead to fraud and identity theft", the agency warned.

Digital copiers made for businesses usually have hard drives that could contain sensitive information, the agency said.

"The hard drive in a digital copier stores data about the documents it copies, prints, scans, faxes or emails. If you dont take steps to protect that data in can be stolen from the hard drive, either by remote access or by extracting the data once the drive has been removed."

The consumer protection agency recommends that businesses take a number of steps to secure the data on their digital copiers.

First, a business should inform its IT personnel that they need to manage and maintain the copier as they would a computer or a server.

Second, when a business buys or leases a copier, it should evaluate the options for securing the data on its hard drive, including the encryption or overwriting features that will be used. A business should take advantage of all of the copiers security features. This should include securely overwriting the entire hard drive at least once a month.

Third, when a business returns or disposes of a copier, it should investigate whether it is possible to have the hard drive removed and destroyed, or to overwrite the data on the hard drive. Generally, it is advisable for a skilled technician to remove the hard drive to avoid the risk of rendering the machine inoperable, the agency said.

Watch Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets video on YouTube

Solid State Disks Ltd exhibits at MAE 30th November 2010.

16th November 2010 10:06:18

MAE is the industries premier one-day technology forum focused on the design and development of military, defence and aerospace electronic systems. The conference is built around a day of technical seminars which have been carefully selected by our independent judging panel of experts to inform and educate engineering professionals on the key topics in this challenging environment; helping them to make more informed decisions for their current and future design projects.

Eclypt Orion - Central Management Server

28th September 2010 13:56:57

Management Software for Eclypt devices and users

Eclypt Orion facilitates the following activities:

- Create and modify account policies
- Create, delete, change or suspend accounts
- Change or force user to change passwords
- Provide remote recovery passwords and reset locked out accounts
- Remote drive initialisation
- Configure single or multiple remote units
- Logging and audit
- Interface with Active Directory

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[New Arrival] Transcend Industrial Grade Flash Memory Cards CF200I Series -- TS2GCF200I / TS4GCF200I

13th July 2010 14:43:08

Transcends Industrial Grade CompactFlash cards are specifically designed for industrial and mission-critical applications. Built extra-rugged with excellent temperature flexibility, shock and vibration resistance, less power consumption, and higher error detection and correction capabilities, the CF200I CF cards provide industrial users with extra durability and reliability.
Thanks to its use of StaticDataRefresh technology, which monitors the error bit levels at each read operation, the CF200I Industrial CF cards can effectively correct data errors and extend the flash memory lifespan. For added value, Transcends CF200I cards support Flash Life Guard software, which gives a notification as the card approaches the end of its life cycle. With superb performance and compatibility, the CF200I cards are ideal for industrial PCs, embedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems, and other industrial equipment.

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APRO launches BON Series high capacity, high performance and ruggedised SATA II 2.5 inch Solid State Drives

8th April 2010 16:02:57

- Includes highest capacity MLC NAND Flash SSD available today at 512 GBytes
- Also includes highest capacity SLC SSD available today at 256 GBytes
- Support for both Fast Erase and Secure Erase
- Ruggedised for industrial, mil/aero and transportation applications

Photocaption: APROs new BON Series high capacity, high performance and ruggedised SATA II 2.5 inch ruggedised Solid State Drives with Fast Erase support

Taipei, Taiwan - 8th March 2010.
APRO, Taiwans leading manufacturer of industrial-grade NAND Flash storage devices, has launched the BON Series of high capacity and high performance Serial ATA II (SATA II) Solid State Drives (SSDs) in a ruggedised 2.5 inch form factor.

The BON Series includes the highest capacity SATA II SLC (single level cell) NAND Flash SSD available today at 256 GBytes and also the highest capacity SATA II MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash SSD at 512 GBytes.

In addition, the BON Series SATA II SLC SSDs are also available in data capacities of 32 GBytes, 64 GBytes and 128 GBytes. All the drives are packaged in 2.5 inch form factor, ruggedised metal casings measuring 9.5mm high for all the drives except the 256 GByte drive which measures 15.3mm high. Ideally suited to embedded industrial, transportation, military and aerospace applications, the BON Series SATA II SSDs support Fast Erase of media data either by hardware trigger or by software ATA vendor code command across the entire range. Drives also supporting hardware and software triggered Secure Erase, particularly useful for military applications, will be available later in 2010.

The internal dual control RAID-0 design of the BON Series SATA II SSDs helps deliver their high performance, providing a maximum sequential read capability of 240 MBytes/sec with an average access time of 0.1ms and a maximum sequential write capability of 190 MBytes/sec. The BON Series SATA II SSDs are fully compliant with both the SATA 1.0a and 2.6 specifications supporting the required data throughput rates of 1.5 Gbits/sec and 3 Gbits/sec. The drives weigh just 115g.

The BON Series SATA II SSDs provide an extended operational temperature range of -40

APRO launches BON Series ruggedised PATA SSDs

8th April 2010 15:30:33

Photocaption: APROs new BON Series ruggedised PATA SSDs with Fast Erase

Taipei, Taiwan - 15th March 2010. APRO, Taiwans leading manufacturer of industrial-grade NAND Flash storage devices, has extended its BON Series Solid State Drives (SSDs) with the addition of a range of Parallel ATA (PATA) SSDs.

The new BON Series PATA SSDs utilise SLC (single level cell) NAND Flash technology and are available in a 2.5 inch form factor, rugged, metal-encased package in data capacities of 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 GBytes.

All of the drives support the Fast Erase of media data that can either be hardware triggered or by software defined by ATA vendor code. Secure Erase is also available as a custom option.

The new BON Series PATA SSDs support both PIO-4 and UDMA-6 transfer modes delivering a maximum sequential read performance of 105 MBytes/sec with an average access time of 0.2 ms and a maximum sequential write performance of 100 MBytes/sec. The drives also provide compatibility with IDE and ATA/ATAPI-7 legacy specifications.

Ruggedised for use in harsh environments and ideally suited to embedded industrial, military and aerospace applications, the BON Series PATA drives support an extended operating temperature range of -40


8th April 2010 15:12:07

SSD family to offer increased ruggedness and reliability for mobile and desk-based users

Wareham, 16 February, 2010, Stonewood today launched its solid state drive (SSD) family, including an external Eclypt Freedom drive and an internal Eclypt drive, both of which will offer increased ruggedness and reliability for mobile and desk-based users. Customers can now choose between either rotating or SSD drives depending on their needs and individual requirements. The encrypted hard drives are the only ones which are CESG approved for use by the government.

"With 29 million people affected by data loss in 2009 and this figure set to increase this year, encrypting data has never been more important. SSD technology offers customers increased ruggedness, as with no moving parts it is inherently able to withstand more extreme conditions than rotating drives," commented Chris McIntosh, CEO Stonewood. "Our Eclypt internal and external drives are the only hardware solutions to offer CAPS accreditation for military and government use, thus making them the most secure and reliable SSD family available. By launching this range we are providing an essential capability for our customers and it will undoubtedly be of particular interest to our military community." Other advantages of SSD include fast data access, low power consumption (generating little heat), lighter weight, longer battery life and faster start-up. The external drive is available with capacities of 160GB and 256GB and the internal drive is available in capacities of 128GB and 256GB. The drives are manufactured by Intel and Toshiba.

The Eclypt drives are the first in a range of SSD products. Stonewood is developing an even more rugged member of the family for use in extreme environments that will be released later in the year. This product will be tested fully to industry standards with full verified vibration, temperature and shock specifications.

The internal Eclypt SSD drives are available immediately. The external Eclypt Freedom SSD 160GB drive is also available immediately with the 250GB drive available later this month. The SSD family pricing starts from

APRO at Embedded World 2010

18th January 2010 11:17:00

APRO at Embedded World 2010
2- 4 March 2010, Nurnberg, Germany Hall 9, Stand 326

Taipei, Taiwan - 5th January 2010. At Embedded World 2010, APRO (Hall9, Stand 326), Taiwans leading manufacturer of industrial-grade NAND flash storage devices, will further expand its fast-growing product portfolio with the launch of two new families of Solid State Drives (SSDs) for industrial and military embedded applications.

A new family of high capacity, high performance and high reliability 2.5 inch Serial ATA (SATA) SSDs will offer up to 256GB of single level cell NAND flash storage with a fast sequential write speed of up to 220MB/sec. A new family of high reliability 2.5 inch Parallel ATA (PATA) SSDs will offer up to 128GB of single level cell NAND flash storage with a sequential write speed of up to 95MB/sec.

In addition, APRO will showcase its complete range of industrial-grade NAND flash storage devices including SD cards, CompactFlash cards, PCMCIA cards, ruggedised and waterproof USB flash drives, 2.5 inch single and multi-level cell SATA SSDs, 2.5 inch IDE SSD, micro SATA SSD, CFast card, high capacity USB flash drive, SATA module, USB module and 1.8 inch ZIF SSD.

If you are attending or interested in attending please contact the sales team on

WinMagic Software Encryption

10th September 2009 10:22:54

WinMagic standards-based approach to an Endpoint Encryption Suite:

Easily deploy and manage encryption for a few users or thousands of users from a single administration interface.

Ensure strong authentication with an industry-leading roster of integrations including smart cards, tokens, PKI and biometrics.

Protect data and ensure regulatory compliance through solutions with the highest levels of certification in the market.

Smart Modular / Adtron Industrial

21st August 2009 11:04:20

SMART Modular / Adtron have been designing and building solid state drives for over 10 years. Our solid state storage products are designed for business- and mission-critical applications where everyday storage products just wont work.

Adtron SSDs are optimized for defense, aerospace and other applications requiring durable, rugged and secure storage. Adtron EraSure technology complies with current defense data elimination standards, providing multiple levels of secure erase techniques, including IRIG 106-07.

When you need dependable solid state storage, you can depend on SMART / Adtron.

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