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Apro Industrial Adapters

2.5-inch IDE to CF Card Adapter (3)
Compatible with ATA/ATA-7, Compliant with CFA specification 3.0, 2.5" form-factor with 4 mounting holes, 40-pin <2.54mm pitch> male IDE connector x 1...
2.5-inch SATA I to CF Card Adapter (4)
Compliant with serial ATA 1.0A specification, Compliant with CFA specification, SATA 7-pin female connector, CompactFlash type II socket w/ejector, 4-pin floppy power connector...
1.8-inch SATA II to CFast Card Adapter (1)
Compliant with serial ATA 1.0A & 2.6 specification, Compliant with CFast specification 1.0, Standard SATA 7 pins (data) + 15 pins (5V power connector)...
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