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Coraid EtherCloud: Storage Management & Automation


With data needs growing, IT budgets shrinking and businesses adopting agile development processes, IT managers are faced with the challenge of being responsive to business needs while keeping costs low.

Coraid EtherCloud is the industry’s first software-defined storage platform for architects of the modern data center. EtherCloud enhances business agility by radically simplifying delivery of scale-out infrastructure.


Software-defined storage

Server virtualization has transformed the way computing resources are deployed and managed, while software-defined networking is rapidly reshaping the networking industry. These technologies shift intelligence in the data center to the software layer, allowing a large number of servers and network ports to be managed easily as flexible, logical pools of resources through automation.


Traditional storage has eluded the wave of commoditization and software-based control that is transforming compute and networking. Coraid EtherCloud delivers the same flexibility and programmability to storage infrastructure. Combined with Coraid EtherDrive scale-out storage, EtherCloud allows enterprise and cloud customers to deploy and manage petabytes of block and file storage with relative ease.


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Complete programmability

Coraid EtherCloud makes every aspect of storage management and control programmable via REST API. Using the API, cloud administrators can easily automate workflows related to storage provisioning and management, and integrate the management of storage with the rest of the infrastructure.


Policy-based application stack deployment

EtherCloud has a powerful policy engine that allows storage to be dynamically allocated and managed according to application requirements and business policies with end-to-end visibility and control. This allows IT administrators to reduce infrastructure-provisioning times from days to minutes.


Self-service provisioning

EtherCloud allows application owners to deploy storage with one-click provisioning in a multi-tenant environment without having to deal with the complexity of underlying storage operations.

Monitoring and Alerts
SNMP-based monitoring and automated email alerts and alarms
Storage Profiles and Repositories
Pools of physical and virtual storage with specific performance and availability characteristics that can be managed as cloud services
REST Interface
Programmatic control of every aspect of storage management via REST API
Detailed list of every physical component in the infrastructure including disks, logical volumes, appliances, and more, available in multiple views and with the ability to filter and sort to find specific resources
vCenter Integration
Visibility into and control over virtual machine storage with vCenter plugin that supports virtual machine-to-storage mappings and the coordination and scheduling of array snapshots for data protection
One-Click Storage Provisioning
Ability to create a LUN from a storage repository in a single click and attach it to a host
Ability to create groups and users and restrict access of storage resources to specific users and groups
LDAP/AD Integration
Integration with Active Directory or other LDAP service providers for authentication
Application Stack Automation
Integration with industry-standard virtualization platforms programmatically instantiate VMs and attach storage to them


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Coraid EtherCloud: Storage Management & Automation


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