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CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH industrial grade CF card

Our CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH industrial grade CF card has been designed and approved to offer the optimum performance from the CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH bridge.

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The CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH CF uses SLC flash based technology offering;

  • Single Layer Cell (SLC)
  • Dynamic wear levelling
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • High write endurance (BIT error rate 109, Cell write Endurance 100k, Data retention 10+ years)
  • Low disturb errors (Error detection & bad block management)
  • High speed

Data transfer mode PIO-4 mode or UDMA-4 mode (Default setting)
Data transfer rate
- 66.6MB/sec under UDMA-4 mode
- 16.6MB/sec under PIO-4 mode
Sequential read 40 MB/sec (Max. /with dual flash)
Sequential write 20 MB/sec (Max. / with dual flash)
Average access time 0.2ms (estimated)

Environmental specification
Operating temperature Standard grade -0 degree ~ +70 degree
Non-operating temperature Standard grade -50 degree ~ +95 degree
Humidity 10% ~ 95% non-condensing
Acoustic noise 0dB
Vibration 15G compliance to MIL-STD-810F
Shock 1,500G compliance to MIL-STD-810F
Altitude 70,000 feet

Power consumption
Power requirement +5V + 10% / +3.3V + 5%
Reading mode 1 Channel 78mA(Max.) / 2 Channel 124mA(Max.) UDMA4 Mode
Writing mode 1 Channel 67mA(Max.) / 2 Channel 121mA(Max.) UDMA4 Mode
Sleeping mode 1 Channel 1.2mA(Max.) / 2 Channel 1.8mA(Max.) UDMA4 Mode

Wear-leveling Static wear-leveling algorithms
MTBF > 3,000,000 hours
ECC Enhanced management 4-bits per 512bytes block
Endurance > 2,000,000 cycles logically contributed by static wear-leveling and advanced bad sector management algorithms
Data reliability < 1 non-recoverable error in 1014 bits read
Data retention 10 years



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