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The SCSI Emulator allows CF Cards up to 16GB to attach to the SCSI bus. It will be It will be seen as a SCSI OMTI / EXBEC drive or OMTI  /EXBEC Emulation for a OMTI / EXBEC drive by the host computer The SCSI OMTI  /EXBEC emulator can operate with many other OMTI or EXBEC Drives and can be programmed to suit the host systems requirement.

CF card is seen as a SCSI disk device to the Host
Compact Flash card, which will be seen as a regular SCSI disk device SCSI bus on the Host’s SCSI bus

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• CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH can emulate any disk or tape drive.
• Compact Flash Card can be removed and read into a Windows PC for analysis or backup purposes.
• 3.5 inch form factor
• Standard 50 pin SCSI1/2 interface
• 10 Mbytes/sec SCSI burst rate
• Internal active SCSI termination, disabled/enabled by jumper
• Optional HVD SCSI interface
• Compatible with most CF cards
• Various emulations available.- SCSI2/SCSI1 or SASI
• Can emulate a standard SCSI tape drive—DAT/DLT or 3490 etc – consult the factory

Power: 5V only required. Uses standard molex type disk connectors
Dimensions: 3.5” form factor.-- Will mount in the Rosemount Chassis using 5.25” adapter rails
SCSI: LVD/SE - 50 pin SCSI compatible with the existing Legacy cables.
Disk & tape Capacity: Defined by the Compact Flash (CF) card -- typically 2GB each
Transfer Rate: 10 Mbytes/sec
Shipping weight: 0.5 Kg (Desktop unit)

-Not Defined-
Our CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH industrial grade CF card has been designed and approved to offer the optimum performance from the CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH bridge.
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OMTI EXBEC emulator to CF (OMTI EXBEC SCSI emulation)

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