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Stonewood Secret Encrypted Disk Drives

Eclypt represents the next generation of FlagStone hardware encrypted hard drives.

The new drives come with an array of new and improved features making it even more user-friendly and flexible to suit each and every individual organisation, without compromising the level of data protection;

  • Increased capacities up to 120GB for internal drives and 500GB for external drives
  • MS Windows User Account Management software
  • Supports 128 user accounts per drive
  • Configurable password length and login attempts

Eclypt Corporate (4)
Ensure your company's Sensitive information remains fully secure at all times, whether it is on a laptop or desktop computer. Eclypt Corporate is a direct replacement for your standard hard drive and is...
Eclypt Freedom (4)
Eclypt Freedom is an external encrypted hard drive which has been developed to meet the portable data security needs of both the business sector and the government sector.
PICO Freedom (1)
USB flash drives are extremely popular for transporting data. This is down to convenience in terms of their size and easy to use plug-and-play facility.

Eclypt Orion (1)
Server based system for the remote management of corporate versions of Eclypt Internal and Eclypt Freedom drives.


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