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Transcend Industrial Product Solutions

Transcend is a highly professional and innovative company that is committed to total customer satisfaction.
Reactive’s connection directly into Transcend’s technical expertise and global resources ensure that we are well prepared to meet all potential challenges and achieve excellence by ''Exceeding Your Expectations.''
Our brilliantly skilled and experienced R&D teams, highly qualified experts, key partnerships with industry leaders, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, absolute quality control and ample production capacity will ensure you receive the very best service. Our exceptional expertise and substantial resources will provide our OEM customers with the very highest quality of products and services.

Solid State Drives
Transcend Solid State Drives (5)
Transcend solid state drives have huge capacity, high speed, and low power consumption without moving parts which were designed to take the place of traditional hard disk drive.
CF200I Industrial CF
Transcend CF220I Industrial Grade (1)
Thanks to its use of StaticDataRefresh technology, which monitors
the error bit levels at each read operation, the CF200I Industrial CF
cards can effectively correct...
Industrial Ultra Speed CF Card
Transcend Industrial Ultra Speed CF Card (1)
The Ultra Speed Industrial CF card is specially designed to meet the strict demands of high-end equipment and machines that run at extreme temperatures.
Industrial High Speed CF Card
Transcend Industrial High Speed CF Card (1)
Offered for extended temperature range operation.

80X Industrial SD card
Transcend 80X Industrial SD card (1)
The 80X Industrial SD card is specifically designed to meet the strict demands of extreme-temperature industrial equipment.

SATA Flash Module
Transcend SATA Flash Module (3)
An SATA interface storage device using flash memory technology.

IDE flash module
Transcend IDE flash module (4)
An IDE interface storage device using flash memory technology.

SATA Flash Module
Transcend USB Flash Module (2)
Ultra-Reliable Industrial Memory.

1.0" IDE SSD
Transcend 1.0" IDE SSD (1)
Transcend 1.0" IDE Solid State Drive (SSD) is an ideal replacement for Hard Disk Drives.

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