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[hiddn] Self Encrypting Drives for Full Disk Encryption solutions

High Density Devices AS (HDD) is safeguarding your data by patented, verified and certified Full Disk Encryption products  for plug & play installations in computers (LapTop, DeskTop, Copiers, Servers, etc.). HDD provides solutions for defence, corporate and mass market encryption purposes by offering self-encrypting hard disk drives - including the patented [hiddn] Encryption Module (CM) - in USB, HDD and SSD based configurations. [hiddn] - previously known as SecureD - is among the most certified (FIPS, CC, NATO, NSM, etc.) and user friendly hardware encryption technologies available on the market today. HDD also offers a Key Management System (KMS) to allow organisations to effectively manage and administer their Smart Cards (contact or contactless (key tokens)) storing the various AES256 encryption keys.

[hiddn] Full Disk Encryption

Today most organisations find themselves in a situation where more and more sensitive information is carried around outside company premises on a regular basis. The [hiddn] family of encryption products provides an easy and convenient way of protecting data-at-rest without placing an extra burden on the user. Since the [hiddn] family offers full-disk encrypting solutions, all operation of the [hiddn] protected computer is completely transparent. The data is protected at all times, and there is no user-interaction to worry about.

Benefits & Features

More secure than software:

No encryption keys are stored on the hard drive or in the unit

Easy to audit:

Without the physical Key Token, the drive is useless

Lower TCO:

No annual licensing fees, no lost passwords, zero end-of-life disposal cost

Works with all PCs:

Invisible to all Operating Systems and File Systems

Security by best approach:

Passed certification at the highest commercially viable level

Strong & secure encryption:

AES 256-bit encryption algorithm with split-key implementation


Secure Smart Card with encrypted key transfer. No keys stored on hard drive


Real-time encryption with no delay. Data rate at 150Mbps

Plug and play:

No drivers or software required

Product Datasheets

• SSD_Crypto Adapter

• SSD_Desktop

• SSD_Encryption Solutions


• SSD_Laptop

• SSD_safeguarding

• SSD_SATA Adapter

• SSD_solutions


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