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64MB-32GB ATA Card XL 10MB/s-1.7MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I ATA Removable Card

SMART's industrial-grade, RoHS-compliant ATA Flash PC Card is designed with the industry's best-in-class read and write speeds, satisfying the requirements of the ultra direct memory access (UDMA) protocol.


Density: 64MB-32GB
Product Sub Class: ATA Card XL
Read Write: 10MB/s-1.7MB/s
Power Oper: 3.3V/5V
Op Temp: C/I

Part Numbers

Part Number Removable CardsProduct Sub ClassDensityRead WritePower OpOp Temp
SG9PC32GSMEB ATA Card XL 32GB 10MB/s-1.7MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC16GSMEB ATA Card XL 16GB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC8GSMEA ATA Card XL 8GB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC4GSMEA ATA Card XL 4GB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC2GSME9 ATA Card XL 2GB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC1GSME4 ATA Card XL 1GB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC512SME2 ATA Card XL 512MB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC256SME1 ATA Card XL 256MB 24MB/s-12MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC128SME1 ATA Card XL 128MB 24MB/s-7MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I
SG9PC64SME1 ATA Card XL 64MB 10MB/s-1.7MB/s 3.3V/5V C/I

Resources and Support

FileDocumentationDocument Size & TypeLast Updated
pdf file Embedded and Removable Products Brochure 1.2MB - PDF 7/18/2013
PDF file Sales Literature - ATA Card XL Product Overview 459KB - PDF 5/21/2013 

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