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Arraid, LLC


Arraid supplies new solid state Flashtape and Flashdisk drives for computer systems by Bull, DEC, Encore, Honeywell, HP, Evans and Sutherland, Pertec, and many more. Arraid utilizes our proprietary FPGA based technology to replace aging and refurbished drives offering reliable and supportable solid state disk and solid state tape drives.

Our products allow owners of older computer systems to replace unavailable or refurbished equipment with new warranted equipment, backed by Arraid customer support. Arraid's drive replacements reduce power consumption and improve system reliability extending the system's useful life without host software changes.

Aging and refurbished Disk and Tape Drives are typically the weakest links in a legacy computer system. Replacing them with a new Arraid system will prolong the life and restore the reliability of aging computer systems. Arraid is the original manufacturer of the AEM, and TES drive replacement product lines. Our products are used extensively throughout business and government, where Customers have incurred a large investment in special hardware and unique, non-portable software. Large computer companies (DEC, Encore, Honeywell, IBM, Wang, etc.) are commonly unable or unwilling to support these specialized systems.

Arraid manufactures solid state drive replacements for SMD, HISI, HPIB, MAC, OMTI, Pertec, XMD, and several other legacy drive replacements, including floppy drive replacements as well as SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 drives. If you are unable to determine the interface type of the drive you wish to replace, or are unable to find information about your aging computer system, contact Arraid for assistance or to request a custom engineered replacement.