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SCSI Flash (CF) Network Drive

SCSIFlash (CF) Network Drives

The CF (Compact Flash) based SCSIFLASH Network drive provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for SCSI hard drives, SCSI SSD drives, SCSI Magneto Optic, SCSI Floppy, SCSI PC Cards, SCSI PCMCIA cards and SCSI Zip drives whilst also offering network (ethernet-based) back-up and restore capability. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Custom capacities available for systems that require exact capacity value. Custom sector sizes available.

The CF2SCSI/ SCSIFLASH Network (Ethernet) drive is currently available in two physical form factors:

  • SCSI Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and SCSI SSD replacement with no external removable storage device
  • SCSI Magneto-Optical (MO) SCSI Tape, SCSI PC Cards, SCSI PCMCIA cards, SCSI Zip and SCSI Floppy drive replacements with externally removable CF memory card slot (currently available up to 64GB*)

Note: The drive is programmable so can replace any SCSI drive. Some hosts systems will limit the capacity to the original drive /host specification

Solid State Disks Ltd, design and manufacture the Solid State SCSI SCSIFlash™ drive

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