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SanDisk® iNAND™ Embedded Flash Drives (EFDs)

With millions of mobile applications downloaded every day worldwide, smartphones and tablets are essential elements of today’s smart digital lifestyle. The demand for mobile platforms with more computing capability, responsiveness, and reliability continues to skyrocket. iNAND™ embedded flash drives (EFDs) provide tremendous storage performance and high reliability, drawing on SanDisk’s 25-year legacy of enhancing the industry’s most innovative digital devices.

The SanDisk iNAND EFDs product family (iNAND Ultra EFD and iNAND Extreme EFD) offer an embedded storage solution for every performance segment and capacity point in the mobile-devices market. SanDisk's iNAND solutions—available in e.MMC and e.MCP interface—provide tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices with faster system responsiveness, improved multitasking and browsing performance, and longer battery life; resulting in an enhanced experience for end-users.

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