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Body Cameras

An exclusive Transcend product range offered through Solid State Disks Ltd.

Designed for military, law enforcement, and private security applications, the DrivePro Body P range features video recording up to 1080p Full HD for an exceptionally clear picture, along with live-streaming preview to iOS and Android mobile devices via its built-in Wi-Fi function. The DrivePro Body P range features up to 160° field of view and f/2.8 aperture lens to capture detailed video evidence during incidents. The DrivePro Body P range is also resistant to water and shock, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The DrivePro P range is for law enforcement or private security applications with stringent data security requirements. Secured by a complete data security mechanism, the P range camera solutions can protect photos and video recordings from unauthorized tampering, thereby maintaining evidence integrity.

The DrivePro 52P body camera also features a camera unit connected to the main unit by a flexible cable, allowing for a wide variety of attachment options.

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