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Cloud Monitoring

iCAP™ - Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform

iCAP™ is a browser-accessed management platform that allows you to monitor the status of solid state drives (SSD), memory and other components in edge devices. It does this by gathering data from all connected devices and storing it on a central server, either on the cloud or on a company intranet. From here the data is easily accessible from your cell phone, pad or laptop with online access.


Manufacturer Innodisk

High Compatibility

The iCAP agent application supports devices running on both Windows and Linux and will seamlessly integrate any device not already supported by iCAP.

High Compatibility


Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Implementing iCAP into your system is easy. Whether it is on-premise or on the cloud, the user-friendly design of iCAP ensures a smooth and efficient deployment.


Easy Access

iCAP can be run on a long list of supported web browsers, allowing quick access with internet connectivity, no matter where you are located.

Easy Access


Effective Event Tracker

Effective Event Tracker

The event notification tracker will log all changes and keep the user up to speed, enabling a swift resolution to any issues that might occur.


System Backup & Recovery

iCAP integrates Innodisk’s proprietary iCover tool that allows for remotely initialized system backup and recovery.

System Backup Recovery



Smart Management
The dashboard view and device grouping function makes management easy, intuitive and convenient.


Efficient Prediction
iCAP integrates with Innodisk’s firmware algorithm to accurately predict remaining storage device lifetime and will alert the user by email of any changes.


Quick Maintenance
In the event of a system error or instability the remote recovery function can quickly revert to a default working status.


System Requirements


Web Service

Web browsers that supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript :
● Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+
● Google Chrome:9.0+
● Firefox:15.0+
● Safari:5.1+


Hardware Minimum Requirements: 
● IntelR Core™ i3 2.3 Ghz CPU or above
● 4 GB RAM
● 20 GB root partition for the system
● 100 GB data storage

Operating System:
● Ubuntu 12.04+
● Docker 17.03+


● Bundled with Innodisk Storage products 

Operating System: 
● Windows Server 2016 64-bits
● Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 64-bits
● Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 64-bits
● Windows 10/8.1/7/XP kernel 32/64-bits
● Ubuntu 16.04 64-bits
● Debian 8 64-bits
● Others by request




Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the iCAP protocol- and port number?
iCAP uses MQTT protocol with the port number 1883, Web service port 5000

Q2. What is the iCAP agent bandwidth with the server side?
The iCAP agent has a low bandwidth with the server; each message is only around 3KB.

Q3. Does iCAP support IPMI or BMC?
No, these are currently planned for future releases.

Q4. What is the size of the iCAP agent and server package?
The agent is 25MB and the server about 2.8GB. After downloading finishes, full installation will only take 15 minutes.

Q5. Does iCAP cover the cost of Microsoft Azure?
No, the iCAP package does not cover Azure.

Q6. Does iCAP support user-added factory floor layout on the dashboard?
Yes. Device location can also be added to the layout.

Q7. Does iCAP include cross network support?
iCAP uses TCP/IP protocol and supports different network segments.

Q8. Does iCAP SSD lifespan prediction also work for SSDs of other brands?
This feature is only available for Innodisk SSD.

Q9. Does iCAP support intranet?
iCAP supports both intranet and internet deployment.


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