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Operating System Building

OS Building - Comprehensive service that ensures an operating system optimized for your application

Innodisk customizes an operation system designed for your hardware platform. Through our Operating system building service, we are able to provide suggestions and plans suitable for an embedded system that optimizes the performance of your platform.


Manufacturer Innodisk

System Integration

We have the ability to customize an operating system for your application, ensuring full integration of your system’s components, drivers, and applications.

system integration


shell launcher

Shell Launcher

The Shell Launcher allows the user to choose different shells according to the user application, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Secure Boot

The Secure Boot feature will run a full check on hardware information when system boots to confirm that every setting is in order.

secure boot


disk protection

Disk Protection

To increase the security level of your system, disk protection offer protection of core system files while at the same time enhancing system stability.



  • An all-over faster time to market
  • High degree of customization available
  • Not just individual products but a total solution
  • The perfect balance between cost and performance


System Requirements


OS Support

Windows XP/7/8.1/10
Windows Embedded Series

Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Yotco, CentOS, Arch Linux



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